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MyTownOffers delivers relevant and useful savings from local and national merchants through the convenience of your PC. We have taken online coupons to the next level by offering an array of local and national retail store coupons, special manufacturer offers & coupons, hard to find free product samples and access to new promotions. We are dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest offers and savings to our members. This is achieved by aggressively pursuing new discounts and offers so that our members spend less of their time researching offers and products.

What You'll Find at MyTownOffers -- Savings and special offers on products and services like; groceries, clothes, health & nutrition, home & garden, automotive, entertainment, travel, financial services, education, electronics and many more added daily.

Free Samples – Packaged goods manufacturers want you to try their products--you just have to ask. MyTownOffers makes it easy for you to get multiple products samples mailed directly to your home without having to contact the manufacturer directly.

Local & National Coupons – Merchants in your neighborhood want your business. MyTownOffers not only gives you coupons from national brand products, but also has coupons from merchants in your neighborhood.

Sales Promotions – MyTownOffers will search for online sales and let you know where to go for the best deals on the best products.

Customized Savings – Customized saving just for you based on your location and interests.
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